by T H O M A S

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A3 by tg + mike gatt
B5 by kd lang

felicity williams - voice on A1-4, B1, 5
robin dann - voice on A2
alex samaras - voice on A4
christopher willes - flourishes on A2, B5, sop sax on A4
josh cole - bass on B4
mike gatt - synth and programming on A3
matthew pencer - electribe on B5
bram gielen - alesis on B5
daniel pencer - flute on B5
and the sampled voice of jeffrey gross on B4

A1-4, B1, 4 recorded and mixed by tg at sheridonks
B2 recorded to 4-track by tg at the snowblink lap of luxury
B3 recorded at the real jerk dumpster by tg
B5 recorded and mixed by jean martin at the farm


released April 8, 2011



all rights reserved


Thomas Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: How's Everyone?
the point of the crown to
the need for a name
and exit, where's the exit?
me city me
i pay no mind as
i thrash through the gland
with an amber switch
that keeps me on the brink
the brink of failure
the brink of pride
how's everyone?

now he's fields afar
he's never held a hold
couldn't rip his shirt
off the clubhouse floor
with all that dancing
music is what keeps him here
music is what keeps
the brink of failure
the brink of pride
how's everyone?

i'm in a band
and the band is called thought
and we're "in a wicker basket"
and we're "on my yacht"
and we're off to East Haven
and we're in a chowder pot
and of course we're in the shower
and of course the water's hot
Track Name: My Hand in Your Hand
please kiss me when the moon comes
and take me as the sun rises
please be a thousand miles away
when i realise how much you've changed me
"i want to hear only your light voice running on…"
please be a thousand miles away
when i realize what it is I need from you

my hand in your hand
one calls out for more
this is new and i'm afraid
please be less afraid
what's the name of letting go?
don't apologise
what's the word for from behind?
you wrote it in your phone
i don't even know my axe
friends are on their way
i am worth the gentle doze
love this time of day
down the hatch saliva goes
wave from far away
my hand in your hand
is all i need to know

please be a thousand miles away
when i realize how much you've given me
"i want to hear only your light voice running on"

my hand in your hand
once is not enough
one is not a fair amount
one is hardly one
once i'm here inside your love
focus on my pain
drink a lot but not alone
touch your drink to mine
wouldn't it be great to die?
now that i've arrived
new behaviours day to day
no one likes a child
now i'm naked now i'm not
wake up to a kiss
my hand in your hand
is all i need to know
Track Name: When I Thought I Couldn't Make It
a trail of blood across america
from the back of my head,
to the crack of my ass,
to the soles of my feet
no, no thanks
when i thought i couldn't make it

if you feel the cliche "hope is gone"
find yourself "the will to carry on"
'cause you probably couldn't move right
and you probably couldn't sleep right
now but it's alright

how can i live my friendships in this time?
how can i reclaim what is mine?
how can i express all this anger?
how can i make clear what is messed up?
how do i tell my family that i'm lonely?

how can i let the day that he made be enough for me, enough for me?
Track Name: Words Of Yes
please take me with you
i want to go there
i want to feel that
kind of faith
my voice quicks higher
i pay directly
unravel gadgets
swiftly nowhere
the nearest ale house
the hate museum
wholly wasteful

don't go without me
i need a friend now
and your forgiveness
knows no bounds
i have imagined
a solemn place where
we can echo
Track Name: The Kingdom
under the tree: jubilee
rare as the goldest dream
the pace of faith, the pace of faith
the faith surpasses faith
now you're stranded in a lost world
come here to me
the kingdom will remain unseen
the kingdom is now
man shows
man tells
man discovers the new world yet again
but i won't let love into my life
Track Name: The Wonderful Child
a wonderful child is come into my life
and all i know to do is
dance and sing about it
a wonderful child has shed light on my heart
and all i know to do is
lift my hands about it
a wonderful child has brought a world of good with him
mmm to be an instrument
won't that be a day
mmm to know my labour's spent
won't that be a day
mmm to have my customs rattled
won't that be a day
a wonderful child has allowed to me to see myself up close
a wonderful child has helped me
avoid all of the pain i used to hide behind
he urges me to question his authority
he asks me am i prospering
i say i hope to soon
a wonderful child has shed light on my heart
and all i know to do is
Track Name: I'll Take Anything
he sit always on the right hand
lost my way around in my life
in my arms i'll take anything
sit on your right hand
draw comfort from your hand
i'll take anything
asleep or careless in your wake

i love what you've done with yourself
you look so downtown
all abuzz on people's lips
you're all we can talk about
meanwhile i'm so blue
i'll take anything

whatever it takes
in my mouth
in my life i'll take anything
eat from your right hand
feel newness in the hand
i'll take anything
freedom freedom from the take


i'll take anything
i'll drink anything
i'll go anywhere
i'll do anything
Track Name: What You Mean
try to arrange everything to be just so
look right, consent to thee
i accept its overtaking me
your angry way

elastic band the features together
i don't expect it to be too long now
i surrender all to you
if you explain
what you mean, what you mean

i rose again
from the slab
a restless leg
i wore a jacket most know to be true
i'm flying, i'm flying
and i hope marty robbins sings the hanging tree

the camera pans right out
you see my breast
you wish i'd died
right there on the table
meet me where
the big gunpowder falls and
call me that again
what you mean, what do you mean
Track Name: Save Me
save me
save me from you
but pave me
the way to you
lead me upon the captive free
gracious and tame like love can be
lead me upon

spoil me
spoil me with you
and soil me with the world of you
watch over me with a mother's eyes
judging my worth only to glorify
watch over me

save me save me
save me save me
carry me through
and bury all my doubts of you
clothe my desire with spell or prayer
i'll shroud every sign of need i swear
clothe my desire

save me save me