by Thomas

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Helsabonkers is originally titled "I am Helsabot" and is written by Jamie Stewart, performed by his band Xiu Xiu. We arranged it and present it to you here with its lyrics, with kind permission.

thom gill : guitar, tonebank, organ, vocals
christopher willes : electronics, synthesizer
felicity williams : vocals
matthew pencer : drum machine, synthesizer
daniel pencer : saxophone, flute
bram gielen : alesis, bass, organ, vocals

kieran adams : drums on 1, 3, 4
ryan driver : synthesizer, vocals on 1
colin fisher : guitar, vocals on 1
christine bougie: lap steel guitar on 5
stephen foster : vocals on 1, 5
alex samaras : vocals on 1
miles barstead : flugelhorn on 1

produced by Jean Martin & T H O M A S
recorded at the Farm July 6 & 7, August 2010 by Jean Martin
and various rooms in Toronto throughout July & August 2010
mixed by Jean Martin and T H O M A S
mastered by Jean Martin
artwork by Laurie Kang (www.lauriekang.com)
thank you to christine duncan
released on Barnyard Records (www.barnyardrecords.com)


released August 24, 2011



all rights reserved


Thomas Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Either Side of the Symbol
eve of caught between fear and refuge
eve of all of the dirty work that needs being done
enclosed enfolded in service for justice
this room no floor is greater is lesser
is higher is lower
we live to serve peace
than here right now and now
so worthy and full and gracious
my power and wisdom
my love my blood
on either side of the symbol
the symbol is yours to keep
the body is mine
embody my love
and know my peace
we live to serve peace

the wound of contrition
the wound of compassion
the wound of an earnest longing

i made it
i love it
i care for it
Track Name: Janela
more than it needs and continues to plummet
as i cruise over Leeds and down into Dublin
I'm reminded to wear the necklace you bought me
which hastens to bear the inscription you penned:
"a best friend isn't worth more than a friend"
it carves my engagement into a ring shape
and glazes my throat in a salty elitism
and imposes a tone that i have no relief from
and it hurts and it hurts

a chance to wash the windshield
a chance to call it a day
an opportunity to say, if you'd been wanting to:
"i love you"
but what it took to be your favourite
to become your special lady
transformation within me
to accept the changes you demand
all the time misspent independent of your love
I reset to your will
step to the window
Track Name: (Without So Much as a) Thank You
blemished and bitten on both sides the coin so
ravishing to behold not unlike
my eleven thirty-four roadside fox
who without so much as a thank you
is gangsta for more than just exercise
more than a slave to hunger
she's psycho with longing for what is
called one thing but i stick
to the motion of another
the good ol' days the
chase of tail and i
i won't let her forget (be patient in T H O M A S)
no i won't let her forget (be patient in T H O M A S)
she's a mommy now and with mommy comes
baby's promise
baby's helicopter's promise
new sand is so enough to make do on
Track Name: Helsabonkers
(written by Jamie Stewart, arranged by T H O M A S)

i did something bad
i got in a fight
about drugs
kicked him in the neck

i am helsabot
i am all you're not
but you wish you were
i am working hard
don't you laugh at me
cause i am helsabot
alcohol-fueled robot

i take off my clothes
and i say to Joe
"do your pants ever just fall off?"
a menage-a-trois's fine
Track Name: What a Friend We Have in Daisy
I : i have but joy to offer you
my smile, my trust
please accept my trust
II : trust me, touch me
and need these things
the very same way
that i need them
I : both of us in each of us
and celebrate
the flowing of trust
II : you matter to me
you really do
and i can't help
but feel as i do when the
I + II : the spirit moves,
it really moves
if you feel touched
attribute the touch
to the spirit